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Netflix Redesign

Designing & Prototyping

This is a personal project where I designed and prototyped the Netflix homepage and series info page with minimal changes.

The changes made were:

For the desktop version, the top navigation was changed to be on the side where it hovers over the background with a click of a button. The series info page was made into three clickable sections to view the details of the series. This was done so as to eliminate the scrolling to view the details.

For the mobile version, the homepage now has three suggestions instead of one. The info page has a similar interface as the desktop version with three tappable sections.

Lastly, pictures of the cast were added so users can view the cast before watching the series.

All the tweaks were kept minimal so the users don't have any difficulty.

My Process:

  • Collecting references

  • Wireframing

  • Iterating

  • Prototyping

Desktop & Mobile Prototype

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