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Design Sprint

My role: Wireframing & Prototyping

College Group Project - Duration: 2 Weeks

Members: Aishvarya Tyagi, Aishwarya Kadam, Rashi Shetty

The Task: Explore the chosen service/activity, then initiate a Design sprint to develop an application with enhanced user experience.

The team.png

Day 1 : Map

The Design Sprint spanned two weeks and comprised five main steps, each allocated to a specific day over the course of the sprint. Our group opted to explore Salon services, with our initial objective being to outline the existing process of booking a salon appointment.

Individually, we selected various pathways to depict the current user experience. Subsequently, leveraging these insights, we devised a streamlined flow that addressed issues while remaining integrated with the existing system.

Currrent flow.png

The Current Experience


Day 2 : Sketch

On the second day, we started gathering inspiration for the features and enhancements to incorporate into our app. Each team member dedicated time to researching and identifying elements that could benefit our project. We then highlighted areas which we decided to implement.


  • Clean and detailed UI

  • Feedback for appointments

  • Choose beauty experts

  • Filters as per occasions

  • Offers on main page

  • Date & services in boxes below

  • Create custom playlist

Prototyping Project 3_2023-04-18_21-56-39 1.png
Prototyping Project 3_2023-04-18_21-57-13 1.png
Prototyping Project 3_2023-04-18_21-57-51 1.png

Day 3 : Decide

Afterward, we drafted wireframes based on our insights from earlier activities. Following that, each of us voted on the features we desired for our model and we created a user flow.

Slide 16_9 - 19.png

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

iPhone 14 - 6.png
iPhone 14 - 7.png
iPhone 14 - 8.png
iPhone 14 - 9.png
iPhone 14 - 10.png

Day 4 : Build

On day 4 of the design sprint, we focused on creating hi-fidelity wireframes.

hi-fi floww1.png
hi-fi floww2.png

Day 5 : Test

We developed the test plan using the DECIDE framework, which facilitated our consideration of testing aspects. This framework enabled us to define our target audience and concentrate on the primary testing goal.


The Responses:

Five users took part in our user testing. They comprised individuals with prior spa experience. An identified frustration 

during the appointment booking process was the need to call and schedule, as they preferred not to do this over the phone due to time-consuming nature and personal preference.


Final Prototype

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